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Refrigerant flesh and fresh pork photograph are compared, have its clear advantage and drawback, for instance refrigerantA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The water chapter that fleshy institute contains decreases, mouthfeel may fall frame, but with newLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Rare fleshy appearance is compared, refrigerant flesh is more healthy and wholesome, so everybody can be at ease eat refrigerant meat more, just should master have a way correctly, especially the defrost of refrigerant flesh is exquisite method and skill, will study the method of flesh of rapid thaw aspic below.

Rapid thaw flesh kind what does the method have?

The method of rapid thaw flesh:

Nature places defrost

1, air defrost.

It is froze flesh in air natural defrost can, summertime word had better not be used, the flesh can let for long easy deteriorate below park high temperature. Even if age is seasonal, appear easily also the part outside the flesh is corrupt, and the phenomenon that in-house flesh still does not have complete defrost.

2, freezer defrost.

fleshy park freezer one evening, make its natural gradually defrost can, already but microtherm lasts, also can make the flesh complete defrost, it is the method of a kind of defrost that recommends quite.

Rapid thaw flesh kind what does the method have?

Small stick person:

1, no matter be air defrost or freezer defrost,need a few hours, if time is pressing and OK,try other method.

2, if use air defrost method, to avoid metamorphism, defrost when always should notice whether defrost is finished. Can press with finger press the flesh, if still be very hard among the feeling, that continues defrost, once soft can continue cooking.

Cold hydrolyze freezes

1, dead water defrost.

Will freeze first the flesh is sealed in polybag, put aspic meat in cold water next, if the flesh floats,rise, press with the clog such as dish above, make sure the flesh is all in water intrusion, immerse one hour or so to be able to make the flesh sufficient probably defrost, place defrost efficiency than nature taller.

2, running water defrost.

Can rinse fleshy defrost with cold water, current constant fast can, should be than immersing in cold water faster.

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1, if be dead water defrost, a few salt can be joined in the basin, put on the ice quickly on one hand melt, won’t cause a bacterium again on one hand.

2, it is better to should compare dead water defrost with running water defrost, but the waste as a result of water is too serious, be in only commonly so Xiao use on the defrost of fleshy piece.

Rapid thaw flesh kind what does the method have?

High temperature defrost

1, hot water defrost.

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Seal in polybag, put aspic meat in hot water next (prep above 60 ℃ ) in defrost can. But do not recommend method of this kind of defrost commonly, on one hand exorbitant temperature makes easily the flesh kind very hot ripe, be in not easily at always maintaining on the other hand 60 ℃ above.

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2, microwave oven defrost.

fleshy park microwave oven in special container, microwave oven tone comes ” defrost ” archives defrost flesh, defrost a certain number of minute can. When the otherwise in defrost process the ground is checked, no matter whether the flesh still has ice, want molten to be able to be taken only.

Small stick person:

1, do not recommend way of high temperature defrost commonly, cause interior easily a little defrost, outside face already passed hot phenomenon, still can destroy fleshy qualitative mouthfeel, make the flesh easier be infected with a bacterium, apply to the situation with urgent time only.

2, relatively at microwave oven defrost, the effect of hot water defrost more within an inch of, easy defrost is inhomogenous. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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