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The nourishing effectiveness that arrives since place is particularly apparent, so Durian also by people praise the king that is a fruit, and Durian serves as a kind of intertropical fruit, actually Durian eats much bring about suffer from excessive internal heat very easily. Eat a few Durian appropriately to still have first-rate effect to human body, but after the female is pregnant, although want to eat all sorts of fruits to achieve the result with body balanced nutrition, can but this plants Durian,the female that the fruit is pregnant eat?

 Can pregnant person eat Durian

Can pregnant woman eat Durian

During Mom of a lot of pregnant is pregnant, many mind are needing on food, because resemble wanting to whats can eat in that way before no longer, and the nutrition that place of pregnant Mom body absorbs also is to follow fetal be be closely bound up. Can pregnant woman eat Durian?

Actually, pregnant woman can have Durian, just want to note a quantity, should not be much eat. The nutrient value of Durian is very high, a variety of vitamins are contained in pulp, nutrition is rich, fragrance is distinct, have ” the king of the fruit ” good name. Still contain rich protein and fat kind, have effect of very good take a tonic to build up health to airframe, it is origin of good fruit category nutrition. Look from this bit, pregnant Mom is OK of course eat Durian.

 Can pregnant person eat Durian

But, we know the fruit can contain candy component commonlyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, this is why sweet reason. The candy component that Durian place contains and quantity of heat are higher, if pregnant Mom becomes Durian cordial, if often eating, it is the blood sugar that brings about pregnant Mom very easily lifts, also can affect the normal growth of darling. Additional, although Durian contains a lot ofcellulose, but it will be bibulous in intestines and stomach expand, overmuch edible is met instead block bowel path, cause constipation, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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To appearing easily originally for costive pregnant woman, the meeting is aggravating its burden! Finally, what must say is, durian sex is lukewarm, take much easier suffer from excessive internal heat, insomnia of occurrence throat ache, be agitated, cause heat of pregnant woman embryo, such is opposite fetal be bad.

So, look integratedly because of always from above, calculating you is to love to love Durian very much very much, also want to be restricted somewhat, it is really cannot eat more. If want to eat Durian, with exceeding in the limit of of an orange size, do not exceed 100g namely.

 Can pregnant person eat Durian

Pregnant woman eats Durian to want what to notice

We knew, it is unsuited that pregnant Mom eats Durian eat too much, besides, when pregnant Mom eats Durian, still need a few little detail, such ability are accomplished eat truly so that be at ease, be popular heart. Pregnant Mom, what does need notice when eating Durian?

1, Durian mouthfeel is stiffer knot, accumulate Yu Chang easily inside, drink boiled water more but aid digestion.

2, some food are cannot commensal, when eating Durian so, flesh of wine, Shan Zhu, flocks and herds, milk, coke, aubergine, crab is cannot eat together with Durian.

3, the Durian of natural breach after average maturity deposits time cannot too long, when nose when general alcohol flavour, be degenerative certainly, must not buy, alsoALove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Do not eat.

4, Durian is to contain quantity of heat and candy component taller, if be fat,pregnant woman should eat less.

Only each respect noticed, ability calculates going up is true eat so that be at ease, eat a health.

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