30 million bits of certificate give a hero ” legend is lasting ” shed Yun Xin to take a person gas is hot

Shed the cloud dragon of half be infatuated faults, grow month of song Xiang Chi to wine. On June 6 afternoon 2 o’clock sharp, ” legend is lasting ” not cutout archives test receives an official to take 1 area to shed Yun Cheng big open. As door of stone of Ma law mainland punctual open, village of each old new hand is held quickly by the player, site of much department job appears to blame the picture that begs hard, it is to exceed simply of the imagination hot.

If leave,take newly, the gate blocks a door up surely, became it seems that ” legend is lasting ” the distinctive picture that opens to be taken newly every time. As not cutout archives checks receive Guan Zhi to take, shed the cloud not exceptional also. Novice village always is blocked up the first times, GM can open many branch line to come only dredge traffic, enter game more quickly in order to help a player. And comparing mouth of strange city gate, always what so much player does not take care stay, caused the large-scale incident that block the door up.

Divide outside embracing the city gate that block up, leaving take that day shed the cloud to take in, every setting, it is a pair of stream billowy, the picture of in full swing. An eccentric person is not enough to satify everyone more, average defend to the last wears several heroes same an an eccentric person, a lot of an eccentric person people had not viewed Ma law world well, already was shot dead.

In the meantime, as ” legend is lasting ” not cutout archives checks one area receive Guan Zhi to take, the government returns the activity that 30 million bits of give special open the hero, to be taken newly [shed the cloud] add to help strength again. From those who take came on June 6 on June 26, [shed the cloud] the law that take battle before each profession grade is ranked 1000 player, will obtain each give 10000 a little bit (value 100 yuan) royal dot ! So rich and generous award, the heroes of Ma law mainland, take the weapon in your hand quickly, the name that you ring on mainland of law letting Ma!

” legend is lasting ” it is grand game is used visional the 3D of own research and development locks up 3 engine perspective MMORPG is large end swims. It continued of legend series play law and strong PK character, inheritance the professional system that war doctrine, withheld the former juice raw ingredient of classic version, it is the 3D legend that north fights atelier to be dedicated to making.

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