Film of CG of science fiction of horizon of visual effect breakthrough ” kill city ” prevue

The CG animation film that adapts according to homonymic caricature ” kill city ” be about to show at will be in Japan this year in October, title is certainly ” GANTZ: 0 ” . Recently, this give off first prevue, the visual effect of dazzle cruel and boundless and vast setting set make a person special expect, your person thinks of animation of classical science fiction ” team of the motor-driven that study case ” style.

Story happening is in the secret world of GANTZ. High school gives birth to Xuan Ye plan and good friend to add a cane to get the better of in helping person process, suffer an accident and in pairs dies. They are in the room that dead instant is conveyed to close mysteriously to, the window that passes through a room still can see Tokyo iron tower, but cannot walk out of this room however. In this room, they saw lots and lots of should gone people, scampish, belle, office worker, politician is waited a moment, they recovery new student? It seems that everything is not such. They are gifted by mysterious force new student, but the cost that exchanges is they finish the job that kills an eccentric person, they began mad life in brutal kill battlefield.

” GANTZ:O” it is the Osaka with caricature piece for the foundation, namely vermicelli made from bean starch people what play says is very yellow very violent final climax, add cane and young associate people for renascent Xuan Ye, must want to follow action of person of doughty monster star.

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