Horror of the first person is made newly ” the devil trades ” premonitory Jing Song takes the place of to feel strong

The horror of the first person that develops business Round Table Games Studio shoots play ” the devil trades (Deal With The Devil) ” , a few days ago exposure first prevue.

” the devil trades ” story set is in 19 centuries 20 time, the world just restored to come over from inside Spanish flu, what people shows is very mad, you act the heroine that is called Amelia Woods, will face the mankind’s ugliest one side. In game, the choice acts a hero or can letting him player is rascally.

Round Table Games states this game is having very strong the plot of a play to take the place of to feel, the purpose that develops a group depends on eliminating a tradition game of horror of the first person and gut kind the estrangement of game.

” the devil trades ” development business is Round Table Games Studio, perhaps a lot of people had not listened, in fact, this is the game development atelier that in British law Er Mao Sigang establishs one only, by industry famous developer Rich Barham founds. Rich Barham once was in blizzard, riot Games, zeniMax and Tanya Krzywinska company had worked, be chosen to be center of game line of business recently one of 100 females.

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