” the ray of die ” development business Techland releases sortie game course of study

As last year corpse movement game ” the ray of die ” make a great coup, techland expresses development business to at present already a few new projects are in in development, additionally atelier still distributes sortie game the industry.

In press release, techland announces atelier to will extend business, march international issues a trade, after all the company has development experience of 20 years, and before the check of hair go by of market of middle east Europe.

Techland CEO Pawe? Marchewka explains in a statement, atelier believes now is the perfect opportunity that uses the experience that we acquire to help other development business.

Additional, he complements: Our religiosity is comfortable issue philosophy with what open, be based on the esteem to the player. Techland will aim to pass those who invest those are bold and rich innovation, the play that accompanies great entertainment value will encourage and support development business.

Techland states atelier serves as the target that issues trade is to distribute two main much platform game every year, and work of 4 numbers channel. , say the company has sought an opportunity in scanning market, first work that the company is issued is about to be in short-term inside announce.

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