“Beautiful 50 ” what meaning is stock list? Chinese edition is beautiful 50 prices

Since this year, a prices become divided is apparent, last in most stock concussion adjusts a process in, the grail such as consumption, finance is blue chip go against city to rise, above card 50 those who be a delegate is blue prepare exponential performance to grab an eye, those who deduce Chinese edition is beautiful 50 prices, benefit from benefit from is blue chip rise considerably, the card on Tian Hong 50 etc blue prepare kind of index fund to show scene.

Beautiful big trend of 50 prices base oneself upon

In the field of A stock market this year, beautiful scene of 50 it may be said is infinite. Show according to statistic of data of Oriental fortune Chioce, end on July 31, on card 50 indexes rise since this year for 15.36% , and put together of the card on the corresponding period points to, deep card is become point to go up it is respectively 5.46% with 3.22% , do poineering work board the index is to drop more 11.51% .

Fair collect fund is this undoubtedly annulus beautiful of 50 prices important shove one of hands. According to WI ND statistic, up to 2 quarters end, entire market shares 26 a 2 quarters end by place of more than 150 fund collective hold, and these 26 therein above of half the number is on card 50 composition.

A beautiful the rise of 50, also let investor associate to 19 centuries 70 time US stock is pretty of 50 brilliant. In fact, beautiful the formulation of 50 is the earliest it is to point to 19 centuries 60 time – 50 equipment that 70 time trade in stock exchange of American new York suffer chase after the grail that hold in both hands. The sea connects negotiable securities to analyse a report to point out, during reaching the city of US stock concussion July 1982 in December 1968, beautiful the average yield of 50 stocks is as high as 156.6% , and general of mark of the corresponding period drops 1.2% , beautiful it may be said of 50 markets performance is colourful press beautiful women or fragrant flowers.


Wide hair negotiable securities points out, at the beginning of 1970, as a 阿爱上海同城

result of American economy integral uncertainty increases and consumption upgrades thorough, style of American stock market is acclaimed from acting 1960 concept, the orgnaization investor dimensions that turns to the industry bibcock; that outstanding achievement is propped up to be a delegate with joint fund and annuities promotes significantly, the preference of the industry bibcock of steady to outstanding achievement growth strengthens; further beautiful 50 companies outstanding achievement stabilizes growth, whole of market of ROE prep above and promote continuously, be favorred consequently by investor. A bibcock and beautiful 50 located the 上海千花网龙凤论坛

environment has certain similar sex, still have inaccuracy to decide in current economy namely, consumption upgrades and orgnaization of field of A stock market is occupied than promotion and industry of Bai Ma of the bibcock that embrace a group, consumpti上海龙凤论坛sh1f

on is dovish growth.

New opportunity of market of position of day great fund

Beautiful 50 rise backside, wait besides the Guizhou Maotai, bank that enrol business a share price innovation is tall, numerous blue plan exponential fund same earnings quite abundant. If end on August 1, the card on the Tian Hong below banner of day great fund 50 indexes A goes up since this year for 18.78% , since holding water, go up for the card on 3.2%; Tian Hong 50 indexes C goes up since this year for 18.63% , since holding water, go up for 2.59% . In addition, the card in Tian Hong the card in 100 indexes A, Tian Hong C of index of bank of the card in A of index of bank of the card in 100 indexes C, Tian Hong, Tian Hong many blue chip exponential fund goes up since this year more than 15% .

Since fund of index of day great series was rolled out 2015 oneself, development is rapid, up to 2 quarters end, total dimensions already was in average index fund ranks an industry in project of this one fractionize the 3rd (Wi Nd) , at present dimensions of user of firm index product already arrived 1 million level, cast client amount to amount to surely among them tens of 10 thousand.

According to Tian Hong fund concerns a respect to divulge, the company develops simultaneously much arrange, drive fund of the index below the banner actively to develop: It is the transition job; that makes product of good section index 2 it is ceaseless optimize fund of index of Tian Hong series form, the strategy that abound and extends fund and trade means, the profit that increases a product increases strategy, the experience; that raises holder 3 be in user of deep ploughing Internet while, extend orgnaization client; hard 上海同城对对碰交友社区

4 it is sufficient play the dominant position that fund of index of Tian Hong series covers wide, low cost to lead, the made rock-bottom capital that makes the product such as intelligent investment, politic fun上海千花网交友

d, FOF.

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